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"I just might be a black Bill Gates in the making"

IT Girl? A "techie fashionista" on a mission to bridge the gaps of race and gender in the tech industry. Napiya is a CS degree graduate, insightful, results-driven IT professional with 8+ years of experience with infrastructure cloud based solution projects that require both conceptual and analytical thinking. Attentive and fully-committed to planning, developing, and managing small or large-scale IT implementation projects. Skilled in Operating Systems, Cloud Applications, and Software Programming. Also an active member, leader and contributor to the tech community. Napiya is also the Founder of The Next IT Girl and I Got Next, LLC both educational and mentoring organizations focused on the exposure of tech concepts to increase the presence of people of color in tech.

When she's not deploying Window Server VMs, Napiya is collaborating with brands to offer creative design services ranging from websites, logos, and branding templates. She is also sharing her tech experience by mentoring and consulting other aspiring techies both young and matured. Young aspiring techies are helped through Napiya's nonprofit organization The Next IT Girl. Founded in 2015, The Next IT Girl educates, mentors, and advances young women of color ages 8-22 to pursue technology - related careers. Through hands-on and digital workshops each student is exposed to the many areas of interest in information technology. Matured aspiring techies are consulted through one on one or group setting sessions. Napiya began seeing the need for adults just as much as children and decided to expand into consulting. Currently, Napiya hosts weekly "Intro to Tech" small groups with attendees who are transitioning careers or looking to break into the tech industry. Services include group sessions, one on one sessions, and career planning. 

"You’re an excellent teacher, encouraging motivator, and patient supporter of our efforts to learn various skills and concepts of Information Technology.  Your services ranged from teaching us website building with HTML and CSS coding, to the specific roles of a product’s software development life-cycle.  You elaborated on different jobs that companies are looking for, and what our focus should be in moving forward in applying.  


Not only are you everything I mentioned above, you have proven to be a good friend to us by being so down-to-earth. You get 5 Stars across the board!  I recommend anyone taking your small group course if they have even the slightest interest in the broad world of IT." - Kevin T.

Wondering where you fit in best in the tech industry? Interested in learning more about what your first step is? Can I help you or your company with a creative design? Fill out the form below. 

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