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"Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak"

"Passion for fashion, fell in love with tech along the way." Before there was a tech professional, tech entrepreneur, and all around techie. Napiya was an aspiring fashion industry mogul, since a kid fashion has been life. Growing up in a family of seamstresses and alterators, Napiya was exposed at an early age to designs, colors, and patterns. Napiya also known as the friend you call on for outfits ideas when you're not sure what to wear. While not formally trained, Napiya has been embracing fashion for years. From personal styling or wardrobe organizing; this is a passion, her passion that she's exploring and expanding.

Inspired by people, places, and other cultures, such as June Ambrose, Solange, Johannesburg, London, Ndebele and much more; it was only natural to share those inspirations and fashion journey with you all. "The Next IT Girl" the expression so often used when a young woman in fashion is upcoming and the girl to look out for. Before "The Next IT Girl" the nonprofit, Napiya self proclaimed herself the next it girl; for her love of fashion and tech. So what is Napiya's definition of the next it girl "a trend setter in fashion, lifestyle, etc. a woman with self-confidence and worth that sets the example of how to manage it all, and look good doing it. She isn't afraid to be herself and never follows the latest trends, instead creates them through her unique and impeccable sense of style.She knows exactly who she is and what she wants, and has an unbelievable generosity of spirit; always taking time to be kind and charitable. Lastly, she leaves a lasting emotional and physical impression on everyone she encounters. 

"Napiya saved me time, stress, and ensure I looked fabulous. I was attending an annual gala and purchased a dress but didn't have anything else. She provided styling guidance on my entire look taking the stress off of me. I received numerous compliments on my look" - Tia C.

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